The best 5 beaches in Sardinia

February 03th 2010 by Giulia


A top 5 of the best: do you already know them?
From north to south, a top 5 of the best beaches in Sardinia

The clearness of its waters and the beauty of its sandy beaches are, by now, well-known all over the world. Maybe, most of not Italian people even don’t know where exactly Sardinia is, or don’t have an exact idea of how big the island is (is it an island? good to know!... they often reply...), but of course, they know about its turquoise crystalline sea and its well-preserved nature.

I am not joking:  so many times I was asked if Sardinia “can it easily be visited by foot, isn’t it?”

Nope,  it cannot!

At least, not so easily: with its 270 Km length, 145 width and a surface of 24,090. What’s more, mostly highland! Anyway, if tourism plays an important role in the island economy,  it’s because travellers find Sardinia’s unspoilt nature very attractive, and particularly its spectacular beaches. Scouting the 1840 Km coastline (by the way Sardinia has the biggest coastal development among the Italian regions), there are different beaches for every taste:  large sandy beaches ,  small secluded ones,  hidden coves....

Followings, you find the FIVE TOP BEACHES loved by every traveler visiting Sardinia (and that for nothing in this wolrd you should miss out during your next trip):

1. Su Giudeu Beach Chia area (Chia Resorts), south Sardinia. Known for its white sand and for its dunes.  Thanks to its uniqueness it has been chosen as stage for successful advertising and movies.

Best beaches in Sardinia: Su GiudeuBest beaches in Sardinia: Su GiudeuCredits: Germa

2. Is Arutas Beach Oristano area, south-west Sardinia. Known as the “beach of the grains of rice”, because of the little granite fragments, resulting from the erosion of the nearby Mal di Ventre Island (sorry, it is in italian), of which the beach is composed. The grains colours nuances are white, pink and light green.
Best beaches in Sardinia: Is Arutas BeachBest beaches in Sardinia: Is Arutas BeachCredits: Siniscoast

3. La Pelosa Beach Stintino area, northern Sardinia. The transparency of its waters reminds of a tropical sea, but the surrounding vegetation is unmistakably Mediterranean. Just in front of the beach, stands Maddalena Archipelago.

Best beaches in Sardinia: La Pelosa BeachBest beaches in Sardinia: La Pelosa BeachCredits: oanababy

4. Spiaggia Rosa – Pink Beach La Maddalena Archipelago, North-East Sardinia. The Pink beach stands in Budelli, one of the islands of the Archipelago; Budelli has an area of just 1.6 square kilometres. The beach takes name from the particular pink coral colour of the sand, due to the numerous shells and little fragments of red corals.

Nowadays no one can reach anymore the beach due to the fact the tourists were taking away the sands, however it can be admired from the sea (if you are so lucky to be on a nice boat).

Best beaches in Sardinia: Spiaggia Rosa BeachBest beaches in Sardinia: Spiaggia Rosa BeachCredits: N07

5. Porto Giunco – Notteri Beach Villasimius, South Sardinia. The beach is just next to the homonym pond, habitat of the pink flamingos. It is characterized by fine sand, similar to talcum powder. Behind it, a natural frame is created by the mountains.

Best beaches in Sardinia: Porto GiuncoBest beaches in Sardinia: Porto Giunco
I am sure that, if I make a survey about it, no one will choose exactly the same beaches than I have.  In Sardinia there are so many nice beaches, every one different in its kind …..

Do you know of any beautiful beach in Sardinia that  I am missing out? Happy to hear more from you…

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The best 5 beaches in Sardinia