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About us

If you are reading this page, you don’t settle for common tips: you look for travel professionals and experts of the Italian hospitality. You’ve got them.

The Atzeri Family, active in the travel industry since 1975, selects only the best of the “Made in Italyhospitality. They constantly search for exclusive accommodations, where charm does not necessary means opulence.

The accommodations we choose have something in common: they are a special gateway to the destination, which make you experience the best of the Made in Italy: food and wine, design, traditions, fashion and lifestyle.

Each hotel, each resort, each small guesthouse has been chosen for two precise reasons: they represent a true piece of Italy. They give you the keys to enter and to discover it firsthand.

Experience the Italian hospitality. This is what we are proud to offer, through attentive screenings and quality controls made personally by the members of the family and the trusted staff.

Good taste, small details, uniqueness.

This is what makes the difference.


Why do we do what we do?

We’re Italian and truly proud of our land, its traditions and culture, its historic and artistic patrimony, and its never ending scenic beauties. So we’re fanatic about authentic Made in Italy, and everything that goes to boost knowledge of Italy throughout the world.  
To offer the best of Italy’s products, we need to give ear to the numberless specialities marking each region. That’s why we have created a network of specialised sites on the single regions of the  Bel Paese.

How do we do this?

To offer travellers a truly Authentic Experience, we have personally selected the best of Italian Hospitality, bearing in mind what we see as the basic ingredients guaranteeing excellence: 
  • Unique locations, in which the nature and culture of the destinations are always within easy reach; 
  • Authenticity of design: with special attention to the protection and safeguarding of Italian Style; 
  • Painstaking and genuine service, hinging on the complete satisfaction of travellers; 
  • Excellent cuisine, able to enhance local tastes and flavours and Italian traditions. 
But our aim was not simply to provide a list of the best Hotels and Villas in each region – our aim was to provide – based on the needs of each single traveller – a complete Charming Experience, able to ensure full appreciation of the Destination chosen.  
That’s why we have completed the hotel offer with a series of unique, unforgettable local experiences

Who do we do this for?

Our work, our passion is dedicated to all “Italian Lovers” wherever they may be; to all those who appreciate the special nature of our country and intend living it for the first time or repeating a previous unforgettable experience; to all those, in love with the Bel Paese, who wish to discover, vacation after vacation, a different Italian Experience. 
Charming Travellers are “experience” hunters who appreciate the small typical residences able to offer authentic hospitality, not based on trite formulas or ‘chain’ standards, but paying just the right attention to the quality of services provided.  
A hotel stay is not the aim of a vacation, but rather the starting point of a journey to the discovery of local culture, traditions, cuisine and beauty spots

Our Mission

To become a reference point for all international travellers seeking an authentic Italian Experience to be savoured during their next vacation. 

Our Vision

To achieve our mission we are fully aware of the basic values underlying our success: 
  • Persons – We aim at ongoing training and enhancement of personnel skills, staff acting as proud ambassadors of Made in Italy, only too happy to accompany visitors from all over the world to the discovery of the Bel Paese.
  • Partners – We collaborate only with the best local partners, setting up contacts of respect and esteem in the name of authentic Italian hospitality. 
  • Culture – The awareness of living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world motivates us to make these beauties increasingly accessible, so that our nature and cultural heritage may become global, be preserved and handed down to later generations. 

CharmingItaly.com - Experience the Italian Hospitality


The Project
Quality, professionalism and a deep knowledge of the Italian regions have always been our leitmotif.

With CharmingSardinia.com, CharmingPuglia.com, CharmingCampania.com, CharmingSicily.com and CharmingTuscany.com we have gained the esteem and the trust for those looking for unforgettable luxury and charming holiday.

Now, there is something more.

There is something new every day…

Let us guide you throughout the true Italy. Let the experts of the Italian hospitality suggest you not only the best Hotels but also how to experience the beauty, passion and lifestyle of the whole Italy.

It is true that Italy is one of the most dreamed-of locations for travellers and holiday-makers. But what is it, that really makes the difference during your stay in Italy? The chance to experience the authentic “Made in Italy”, not a surrogate of its cuisine and fashion or artificial warmth and hospitality.

This is the reason why CharmingItaly.com selects both, boutique hotels and resorts, as well as hidden gems and well-known hotel chains; but all accommodations must have some essential points in common:

- Modern Italian luxury furniture and a homely touch
- They must be leisure service oriented but include modern technology facilities

Therefore, let's have a look at what makes a hotel worthy of being chosen by Charming:
1. High standards of quality
2. Warm and personalized services
3. Classical Italian elegance, a minimalistic design or modern furniture – but never an excessive, pompous or cold-hearted style
4. Unique and amazing landscapes
5. Strategic and exclusive hotel’s locations that are far from the noisy city centre, however with the main sights of the area always at reach
6. Slow food, local products and master chefs
7. Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and various other docking stations
8. If this is still not enough, log in and discover the CharmingItaly Hotels yourself. 


Editorial and social project
The passion guides us. Passion for territory, passion for food, passion for beauty.

Passion for style.

Italian style, that we are proud to promote all around the world.

“Made in Italy” is a guarantee and we love presenting the multiple facets of Italian culture. A qualified writers team, starting from their experiences, daily life and personal attitudes, is pleased to transmit through words their passion and love for Italy. Nothing is left to chance: having care of each single piece of content, we are sure to offer only first-hand and quality information.

The Charming Community of Italian Lovers is aware of this; it can follow our stories and communicate with us and with the other members through the social networks. We are a unique enthusiastic community, sharing and spreading around our love for Italy. We are always open to new Italian lovers… just like you! Know more about us: discover now the writers of CharmingItaly.com

What makes the difference?
Passion, experience, professionalism. Discover more about us, discover more about the Italian lifestyle.

Booking Dept.

Qualified multilingual team, travel lovers with an eye on the big and small details able to transform a simple holiday in a true travel experience.  Service-oriented, focused on client’s needs, they can suggest the places that can best suit your needs, thanks to their deep knowledge of the territory as well as to the awareness that every trip has to be the best ever!

The Management

The Italian sense of hospitality is deeply rooted in both their personal and professional path: the Atzeri Family, working in tourism since the late ’70, combines its big passion for tourism with the love for its country. It is proud to introduce travelers to the beauties of Italy and to give them the insights to get the best of Italy and of the Italian way of living.

Marketing & Content Dept.

The fil rouge connecting all departments that work together: the marketing team selects only the best of Italy and finds the finest way to offer these information.  The daily challenge is to make the guests able to perceive the accuracy, the hard work and the passion behind every single action of the Charmingteam, whose main and final goal is guest’s satisfaction.

  • Giulia Garau Sardinia Expert

    Giulia Garau lives and works in Sardinia. Travel lover, she has the chance to work for an online travel agency, CharmingSardinia.com, which deals also with accommodations in Campania, Apulia, Sicily and Tuscany. Here she can combine her passion for tourism with her love for foreign languages.

  • Silvia Pe Sardinia Expert

    Silvia Pe is an Italian travel lover and a compulsive reader living in Sardinia. She works in tourism field for Royal Travel Jet, where she thrives on Content and Social Media Dpt.

  • Nerys Howell Milan Expert

    Nerys is from rural west Wales but has been living in Milan since 2008 after studying Italian at university. She is very interested in travelling, and as well as the three languages she speaks fluently she also speaks some French and German. She loves music and spends a lot of time listening to the radio, and is always on the look out for interesting tales to tell in her blog A Welshie in Italy.

  • Amy Lucinda Jones Puglia Expert

    Amy Lucinda is an English teacher living in Northern Puglia. As well as enjoying the laid back lifestyle of her small, traditional town (with its wonderful wine and incredible gelato), she loves writing her blog about all things southern Italian (find her at sunshineandtomatoes.blogspot.it). She studied German at university, volunteered in Kenya, travelled the world for a little while, and then decided to settle in this beautiful part of the world.

  • Silvia Cartotto Piemonte Expert

    She was born in 1986, she comes from Piedmont and she is a passionate travel blogger: thegirlwiththesuitcase.com. She would like to work in communication's branch and organization of events, but her dream is spend her life writing and travelling.

  • Kate Bailward Sicilian Expert

    Kate Bailward is a cat-loving, trifle-hating, maniac driver who arrived in Italy in 2009 for a 9-month teaching contract. Three and a half years later she has given up teaching but has no plans to give up Italy. She is currently writing her first novel and she blogs at Driving Like a Maniac and Quasi Siciliana. One is about life in Sicily and the other about cooking, but they both end up being about telling stories - she just can't help herself.

  • Jessica Steward Rome Expert

    Jessica Stewart is an art historian and photographer who has been living in Rome since 2005. She loves discovering off the beaten track places and sharing her finds. Since 2008 she has been using photography to document contemporary life in Rome via her blog, RomePhotoBlog and in 2012 published Street Art Stories Rome, a book that recounts street art in Rome through words and pictures.

  • Laura Thayer Campania Expert

    Laura Thayer is an American art historian and travel writer living in one of Italy’s most charming spots—the Amalfi Coast. She loves discovering and sharing the beauty, traditions and history of southern Italy’s Campania region. Her experiences and stories about daily life on the Amalfi Coast can be found at Ciao Amalfi.

  • Leslie Rosa Venice Expert

    Leslie Rosa is an independent art curator and writer based in Venice.  She also keeps busy studying to become an AIS-certified sommelier, tango dancing, and writing for her new blog, La Bella Vita Miscellany, an illustrated exploration of all (lovely) things Italian.

  • Natalia Baeza Tuscany Expert

    Natalia Baeza is a researcher in philosophy at the University of Florence. Born in Colombia, she has lived most of her life in the United States, but has also lived in England and Germany. She fell in love with Italy, and especially Tuscany, during her first visit in 2010, and in 2012 relocated to Florence. She loves reading, traveling, doing yoga, finding unusual places off the beaten track, learning new languages and writing.

  • Sara Donahue Puglia Expert

    Sara Donahue has been living and working in the beautiful, largely undiscovered Puglia region for the past 20 years. She teaches writing at the University of Bari and works as a freelance translator and travel writer. She enjoys sharing the unique facets of southern Italian life through her photoblogs Molfetta Daily Photo and Amid the Olive Trees.

  • Luisa Meci Rome Expert

    Luisa was born in Rome, Italy. After high school she studied restoration of wall paintings and canvas. She attended a master’s Degree in Communication and Publishing and starts to work for two publishing houses that much have to do with contemporary art. Currently located in Sassari she is the curator of a Photobook on ancient churches in Sardinia.

  • Claudia Carta Italian fashion Expert

    Claudia Carta was born in Sardinia. She is an expert in fashion and in ’80 music. She loves travelling and exploring new cultures. She likes photography and beauty. She has got a Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and can speak Italian, French, English, German and a little bit Russian and Spanish.

  • Katie Greenaway Tuscany Expert

    Katie fell in love with Italy from her first visit in 2002. She now calls it home, writing and capturing the culture of the enchanting city of Florence on her blog Olio di Oliva e Sogni di Vino. Whether she’s checking out the hottest wine bar, sipping espresso at the local bar or riding her bike through the streets of Florence, Katie is always exploring the ancient cobblestones of Florence, one step at a time.

Graphics & Web developers

The web developers, a young and dynamic group, have the merit of having created a such great and functional project, whose improvements are constantly in progress. Another important part of the team is formed by the graphic designer,  always original and creative. They both have been transforming  the marketing’s dreams into reality, offering a pleasant and exciting web surfing experience.

Administration Dept.

The rigor and punctuality of the administration team is essential for guarantee trustworthiness both to the clients and to our partners. Discretion and professionalism and the fundamental points of their work.  

About us