Top 5 wild beaches in Sardinia

May 19th 2010 by Giulia
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Summer is approaching!!! A selection of the best wild dream beaches in Sardinia

It is time to think about the best place to spend our summer holidays. After having written about the 5 best beaches in Sardinia, this week I would like to give you a special tip. Apart from the most popular, there is a large variety of hidden coves and wild beaches which are less known and frequented by tourists.

Why wild beaches are less frequented?
It is just because wild beaches don’t offer as many services as you can find in an equipped beach. Or maybe because the route to reach them is too winding or not smooth enough.

A winding route discourages, above all if you don’t have enough time at your disposal, if you usually get car-sick or if you have young children. But if you finally take courage with both hands, you stock up on sickness tablets you will not be disappointed. In just few minutes you will have forgotten the trouble of the journey.


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Ok, maybe I am going a little over the top...the journey is not so dramatic!!!

Let's start our virtual tour througout Sardinia. Here below my list of the best wild Sardinian beaches.

1.    Piscinas
Piscinas beach is popular for its dunes. They are among the biggest in Europe and have been declared World Heritage from Unesco. The sandy beach is about 7 Km long, the landscape you can see from the dunes is absolutely breathtaking.

Credits: Flickr, Blog[CHA]

2.    Buggerru
Buggerru is a small town in Iglesias area, in the western coast of Sardinia. The coast, once known for its mines, offers both white sandy beaches and abrupt cliffs. This area is very appreciated from climbers and surfers.

Credits: Flickr, Mezzosakko

3.    Porto Pollo
Porto Pollo is a sandy beach in the north-eastern Sardinian coast. It is very windy and surrounded from the typical Mediterranean vegetation. It is very frequented by surfers.

4.    Cala Cipolla
Cala Cipolla is one of the best beaches in Chia area (Parco Torre Chia), in the south-western coast of Sardinia. There aren't any beach services, there is just a Bar at the car park, about 100 meters from the beach.

Credits: Domus Biblioteca Multimediale

5.    Cala Goloritzé
It is one of the best hidden creeks in the Mediterranean Sea. Cala Goloritzè can be reached by sea or by land through a charted downhill path of about an hour. The waters are clear and transparent. In 1990 it has become “Natural Monument” of Sardinia.

Credits: laughingmonk

Dedicated to who needs a suggestion for this summer, but also to who just needs dreaming, waiting for the hot season. What wild beaches do you know? Share your experience with us!

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Top 5 wild beaches in Sardinia