Cheap flights to Sardinia, Italy

February 24th 2010 by Giulia

How low cost companies can improve your travel-style

Cheap flights to Sardinia ItalyCheap flights to Sardinia Italy

Certain people call them low cost carriers. Some others prefer low cost, low fares, budget, discount, or “No-frills” airlines. These airline companies are able to propose lower and competitive fares.

But how they manage to do that?

Question security is obviously the most important in flying and travellers want to be sure that the saving has nothing to do with that. I personally wondered about this matter before booking my first (unbelievably cheap!) flight to Sardinia and I made some private internet research about it. So, I discovered that cheap flight prices depend on a strict and well-thought company policy, which offers just the basic services and eliminates the superfluous ones.

So, for example, some of the many low cost companies’ solutions are:

-    No free food on board (you can buy it if you want)

-    Use of secondary airports (lower airport tax)

-    Costs reduction by boosting direct supply (Through call centre or Internet)

-    Maximum limits for hand luggages (every exceeding is with fee)

-    Free seats (you choose your seats when you arrive on board. For the front literary have to run! Or, with Ryanair, you can buy the possibility to be among the first to get on - for just 4 Euros)

Cheap flights to Sardinia ItalyCheap flights to Sardinia Italy

Only in Europe, there are more than 40 budget companies. Thanks to them, flying is now possible for everybody who likes or need it. Even Sardinia, which until a few years ago was reachable only at high prices, is now good related to Italy as well as to many European cities. Direct and cheap flight are the succes keywords.

I can assure you that for Sardinian people it has really been a dream that came true!!! But, I guess it has also been interesting news for people who desired to fly to Sardinia and who cannot, because of its high prices to reach it.

Be happy: now, you can!

As maybe many of you still do not know about how many new cheap flights to Italy and particularly to Sardinia are in this moment, I will shortly summarize the situation for you.

Sardinia has three main airports: Cagliari, Alghero and Olbia.  All of them have low cost companies which offer really cheap flights from and to Sardinia.


Cagliari Airport (South Sardinia)
RYANAIR – The first low cost company in Europe offers cheap flights from/to Cagliari: Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Bruxelles, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt (Hahn), Gerona, Karlsruhe-Baden, Madrid, Marseilles, Paris.

EASYJET – Cheap flights from/to Cagliari: Basel-Muhlhous, Berlin, Geneva, London.

TUIFLY – Cheap flights from/to Cagliari: Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart.

MERIDIANA – It’s not a budget company, but you can however find interesting offers from/to Cagliari: Barcelona, Chisinau, London, Paris.


Alghero Airport (North-West Sardinia)
RYANAIR – Cheap flights from/to Alghero: Barcelona, Billund, Bremen, Brussels, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Eindholen, Frankfurt Hahn, Gerona, London, Madrid, Memmingem, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm.


Olbia Airport (North-East Sardinia)
TUIFLY – Cheap flights from/to Olbia: Hamburg, Köln, Frankfurt, München, Stockholm.

MERIDIANA – Cheap flights from/to Olbia: Chisinau – Paris

EASYJET – Cheap flights from/to Olbia: Bristol, Basel-Muhlhous, Berlin, Geneva, Lyon, Paris


My summary refers to the actual air routes of the low cost companies which fly to Sardinia, but the situation change really quickly. I will hold it in check and I will advise you in case of relevant changes.


If you know some important low cost company I have forgotten, please tell me! I will maybe get inspired for my next holiday.…

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Cheap flights to Sardinia, Italy