The Neapolitan anti-hero

August 02th 2011 by Giulia

Who among you has ever heard about Pulcinella?

Credits: Flickr - Flickr

Pulcinella (Puncho or Punchinello in English) is one of the most popular Italian masks and comes from Naples, the city of the sun and the sea.

With his hooked nose and black mask, his pointy hut, white shirts and pants, Pulcinella is a lover of wine, good food and idleness.

Vicious, irreverent, daft, crafty and big mouth, Pulcinella is a beloved character originated in the Commedia dell'Arte of the 17th Century (Italian Comedy, or Comedy of the Craft of Improvisation).

Good but selfish, sweet mandolin player and skilful beater (with his stick), Pulcinella is unpredictable and funny, always in troubles but able to manage every situation thanks to his slyness!

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The Neapolitan anti-hero