The "Top 5" you can't miss [What Else]

May 04th 2012 by Giulia
Orgosolo | Roma | Benetutti | San Salvatore di Sinis | Baradili | Polignano a Mare | Hungry Culture

Another week has gone by and we've collected a few articles for you: three interesting top 5 about 3 different Italian places. Which one have you already visited? Enjoy your weekend!

The "Top 5"you canThe "Top 5"you can


Bohemina Trails - Top 5 singular Villages in Sardinia

Italian Notes - 5 steps to Rome

GotSaga - My top 5 things to eat in Polignano a Mare, Puglia


Photo Credits: Silvia Maltese


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J and J Florence
Firenze (Toscana)
Casa Talia
Modica (Sicilia)
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The "Top 5" you can't miss [What Else]