August 2015 in Italy: the most beautiful islands for your holidays

August 04th 2015 by Agata
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The countdown has started: Italy is waiting for Ferragosto, the heart of the summer taking place the 15th of August every year. As a long awaited appointment in the holiday agenda, there are those who celebrate it on the beach at night, those who go for a romantic restaurant overlooking a breathtaking view, and there are also those who choose the dancefloor. Whatever is your attitude, Charming Italy agreed on a selection of the top-3 island where to celebrate the greatest 2015 Ferragosto in Italy.



Sicilia: Taormina, the fascination of seaside history In Taormina, Sicily, “loneliness” is contagious.

Is a brighty light in the gaze of its inhabitants: eyes watching the horizon, both melancholic and curious, yet so full of Taormina’s beauty - the sunsets, the high tides, the way in which time flows – that it makes it hard to say goodbye. Taormina is a window overlooking the horizon on a naturally-sculpted terrace on top of the Tauro Mountain. The ideal place for a holiday made up of days on the beach and long walks in the city center’ streets at night, surrounded by locals’ hospitality and treated by delicious recipes. Taormina is a place of experiences so ‘simply essential’ that it will be so difficult, in the end, to leave.

[Looking for a hotel in Taormina? Have a look at La Plage



Tuscany: Wild, Wild Elba

One of the most renowned destinations for the Italian Ferragosto is Elba, the largest island among the Tuscan Archipelago, famous for its immaculate beaches and wildlife, not to mention its good food and local cuisine’s recipes. In Elba, Napoleon spent his exile, and you can feel the past not only in the Napoleonic residences, but all around the island, from its museums to the medieval castle of Volterraio. Elba is a place blessed by the sea, framed by beautiful beaches like Biodola, Procchio and Spiaggia dei Cavoli. It is a special place for trekking and kayaking-lovers, which can discover and explore hidden and gorgeous clefts. Last but not least, Elba is a place for those who love wellness, who can dip and relax in the pure waters of San Giovanni’s bath.

[Accommodation in the Island? We recommend you to check this out: Biodola


Porto CervoPorto Cervo

Sardinia: VIP Holidays in Porto Cervo, beneath the immaculate sea of the Emerald Coast.

Shiny August nights in the Emerald Cost is the ideal holiday place for those who love luxury and privacy, Michelin-starred restaurant, private clubs where the VIPs hang out. Located in North-Eastern Sardinia, on a coast line of the Gallura Province, the Emerald Coast is a natural Paradise blessed with the most beautiful beaches in Italy, gold sand and crystal-clear sea, in which you can spend days pampered by top-class services. It is also a place of special contrast: between the granite stones sculpted by the wind, and a vibrant village center, pulsing with modern architecture, artistic ateliers, cafes and restaurants. Holidays in Porto Cervo are for those who like to have fun and venture into new experiences.

[Best hotels around here? Go for Colonna Pevero or Luci di La Muntagna

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August 2015 in Italy: the most beautiful islands for your holidays