Events in Tuscany-July

July 18th 2011 by Katie

Summer is the time for all kinds of outdoor events. Tuscany offers its visitors a wide variety of activities

Events in TuscanyEvents in TuscanyCredits: Firenze News

Our Dark Past/Archaeology Nights which goes on from July 2nd to 30th. They are being held in various locations in Florence and Tuscany. There are 240 events with 100 museums participating with special night-time openings, tours of collections of museums, hiking trails, and the discovery of new archaeological sites, presentation of research findings, meetings with experts, organization of exhibitions and educational workshops.

In Florence, on Wednesday nights in the basement of the Palazzo Vecchio will be a Roman theatre assistance by the Museo dei Ragazzi which will be in Italian. It will be from 9 to 11pm and cost 8 euro. The event brings to life the history and peculiarities of the ancient theater, comparing what could've happen to the citizens of the Roman Florentia(Florence). After the historical introduction, the two actors start a performance with dramatized excerpts of selected works, offering a lively representation of the events and issues by the greatest playwrights and Latin thespians.

For more information on the events or reserving a spot on Wednesday nights, reservation required at 055/2768224,

Events in TuscanyEvents in TuscanyCredits: Eventi e Sagre

Mercantia is being held in Certaldo which is Boccaccio's hometown. This festival is not about celebrating the medieval age but to support the most well-known street artists in Europe. From secret gardens to marching bands to mimes you will be one with this grand festival. This is not only for kids but for adults too. There are many musical performances and one-man shows that offer laughs and entertainment. You can reach Certaldo easily by train from Firenze SMN station in the direction of Siena. For more information check out:

Sagra del Pinolo is located in San Piero a Grado (Pisa) is featuring the organic pine nut. The event promises restaurants will be serving pine-nut-based dishes, cake and wine stands. The recipes are the same specialties at reasonable prices with great service. In addition a range of typical local products revolving around the organic pine nut in the Natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli. Being held the first two weekends of July for more information, check out:

Events in TuscanyEvents in Tuscany

Credits: Valvadeto

La Vera Sagra del Fungo Porcino being held in Scaperia, north of Florence in the area around Mugello. It is held from July 22-31 which starts the porcini mushroom season. The organizers have coined this sagra as the True (Vera) porcini mushroom festival as well. Why not go and check out why it is called the True sagra?

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Events in Tuscany-July