Local Expert & Italy Ambassador: the Charming certificate 2013

February 19th 2013 by Silvia

Local Expert & Italy Ambassador: the Charming certificate 2013Local Expert & Italy Ambassador: the Charming certificate 2013

Local Expert & Italy Ambassador: the Charming certificate 2013

Photo Credits: tatianazaghet

We love Italy and this is the main point.
We share all useful and curious information with you, to improve your knowledge of the amazing “Stivale”.
We aim for making you fall in love with Italy and after all, we are inviting you to visit our country.

To make all of this possible, we are always on the look-out for the best blogs on the web about what to see and do when visiting the Mediterranean.

As we did last year, with the “Local Expert Blog Award 2012”, following blogs and websites have been selected and awarded, as they have offer incredibly useful information about Italy. They have been sharing their important point of view with the blogosphere and honouring the “Bella Italia”, underlining strong aspects of its culture and lifestyle, as well as its amazing locations.

That being said, we are proud to present to you the first CharmingItaly Award 2013, dedicated to people promoting Italian culture all over the world!

Italian Ambassador
Italian AmbassadorItalian Ambassador

Gelatissimo: The real taste of Italy
WebSite: http://www.gelatissimo.com.au/

In  September 2002, Gelatissimo has created the opportunity to share the joy of Italian fresh “gelato” around the world. The first Gelatissimo gelateria was born in Sydney, but today there are also gelaterie in South East Asia, the Middle East and even in the birthplace of gelato itself, Italy!

Italian Fashion Expert
Italian Fashion ExpertItalian Fashion Expert

Chiara Ferragni alias The Blonde Salad
WebSite: http://www.theblondesalad.com/

Born in Cremona and with fashion in her blood, The Blonde Salad is able to mix the official style of Italian brands with a personal look, suggesting with great attention to details,  what to wear every day.

Italian Food Expert
Italian Food ExpertItalian Food Expert
Paula Jones
WebSite: http://www.bellalimento.com

Paula Jones welcomes all of us in her amazing kitchen every day where she shares more than her beloved Italian food with us.

Florentine Ambassador
Florentine AmbassadorFlorentine Ambassador
Emiko Davies
WebSite: http://www.emikodavies.com

Her love for Florence shines through on each single page of her blog: tips, amazing pictures and most of all, her passion for reviving traditional Tuscan recipes.

Umbria Expert
Umbria ExpertUmbria Expert

Umbria on the blog
WebSite: http://www.umbriaontheblog.com/

The Blog is specialised in promoting the region Umbria with fresh and interesting style. You can find useful suggestions of all aspects of the Umbrian culture. Our favourite section is “off the beaten path”.

Do not miss the next part of Local expert/Ambassador Blog Award! If you have a blog and you wish to be considered for our Awards, just send an email to info@charmingitaly.com

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Local Expert & Italy Ambassador: the Charming certificate 2013