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March 05th 2012 by Luke
Sardinian Local Expert Blog Award by CharmingItaly.comSardinian Local Expert Blog Award by CharmingItaly.comCredits: Danny boy no-eyes

Here at Charming Italy, we are always on the look out for the best blogs on the web about what to see and do when visiting the mediteranean.  As such we wanted to share the best of the best with our readers in the hopes that people will find the highlighted websites useful when planning trips and narrowing down a busy itinerary.

We have selected the following blogs and websites as they have offered incredibly useful information for visitors related to their associated locations. A trip to Italy should be about culturefood and the pleasure of discovering the easy way of life that Italian are still trying to maintain…  so we have chosen blogs which offer a little bit of everything!

For the first Local Expert Awards we have focused on three southern Regions of our Country: Sardinia, Puglia and Sicily. The Local Experts Award was established as a way for potential visitors to Italy, Sardinia, Puglia and Sicily to get an understanding of what to expect and ultimately what to look forward when visiting the mediterranean.


Sardinian Local ExpertSardinian Local Expert

Suzy visited Sardinia in August  last year and wrote about the experience on her blog, accompanied with some stunning photos which showcase the beauty of Sardinia

Heather has written about Sardinia a number of times and her blog is a useful resource for anyone planning to visit the island

The Wandering Sardinia blog is devoted to things to do and see in Sardinia and features some useful resources like rail maps and province maps outlining the history of the island

This website has some great advice on why people should visit Sardinia including recommendations on guide books for tourists

Annie made a trip to Sardinia in February of last year and posted her experiences on her blog, the daily breakdowns give a good idea of what to expect from a visit to the relaxing island.

This site has lots of information about attractions in Sardinia including the Murals of Orgosolo and the best beaches to visit

My Sardinian Life is a blog which outlines various festivals and reviews the best beaches for tourists looking for signature clear blue waters and white sands


Puglian Local ExpertPuglian Local Expert

Cherrye has some great content on her site My Bella Vita about Puglia, and the Southern Italy Snapshots series give a clear idea of what visitors to Puglia can expect

Jeff in Puglia is a photo blog which is frequently updated with photos of life in Puglia and offers an interesting insight from a local resident

This site has a stunning photo series which documents a visit to Puglia, which really shows how important food is to the locals!

Life Love Food has documented a trip to Puglia and the related posts showcase the beauty of Puglia extremely well

Amid the Olive Trees is a great site full of information, tips, photos and curiosities and has lots of content which is incredibly useful to potential visitors to Puglia

This website has lots of great content about cooking and attractions. This will inspire potential visitors about what they could get up to when visiting Puglia, including the best markets and top attractions

This blog has a wealth of photo content relating to Puglia which helps give visitors and clear idea of what to expect and what treasures lay in store on a trip to Puglia

There are tonnes of recipes and food highlights from Puglia on the Anita’s Italy blog which are incredibly mouth watering


Sicilian Local ExpertSicilian Local Expert

Although this blog is mainly related to Rome, Elizabeth has posted up some Sicilian recipes which showcase the amazing food from Sicily

A great Sicilian blog which is all about food, food, food! Packed full of recipes and photos of mouth-watering Sicilian dishes which will tempt any would be visitor

If you are looking for guide books about Sicily then Vera’s site is a must see, as it is chock full of information about authors from Sicily and books about Sicily. This blog will surely inspire a visit to the Mediterranean

Anita’s blog has lots of recipes for Sicilian dishes on her website including traditional ravioli and various information about local fruits you can expect to enjoy when visiting Sicily

Jill also has lots of easy to make recipes on her blog which will tempt foodies to visit Sicily, culinary delights in the past have included Pandoro and Cassatella di Sant'Agata which is a classic traditional sweet from Palermo, Sicily

This blog is full of recipes from Sicily and interesting news and tips for people looking to visit Sicily

This blog from Sara covers her time living in Italy, there are lots of interesting stories about Sicily including a few great posts about a wedding and the amazing food!

The Sicilian Cuisine Blog is full of traditional recipes and amazingly mouth-watering dishes which are easy to follow and simple to make

Palermo Daily Photo gives a great insight into life in Palermo from Rori a freelance photographer which will surely have inspired many people to organise a visit to Palermo

Baroque Sicily is a fantastically useful website about life in Sicily and is full of photography and stories which showcase Sicilian life well. This is a essential visit for anyone planning a visit to Sicily.

This is the first local experts award and if you feel like your blog has been missed off the list please let us know, equally if you know of a site which is missing from our selection which you think is worth a mention let us know in the comments.


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