A dip in the land of Chianti: photo tour

September 14th 2011 by Giulia
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Photos Tuscany - Tour of Chianti

Vineyards Chianti, TuscanyVineyards Chianti, Tuscany

The lines of vineyards are the lay of the land in Chianti. When I traveled to Castellina in Chianti I was fascinated with all the hills of vineyards. The colors of the afternoon sky paired with the cool breeze that pasted through the car as we drove through a Tuscan paradise. As the sun cascades down the sky, the colors of each vine changes. The greens grow into a deeper and more clear color.

Farmhouse Chianti, TuscanyFarmhouse Chianti, Tuscany

This shot caught my eye because there is a the gorgeous sky with the hills rolling towards me. What’s over that first hill? More vineyards? Another farmhouse? The colors give off the peaceful countryside that is the Chianti. If you shall follow that path, where will it lead you? Do you really want to know or shall you just imagine?

Hillside Chianti, TuscanyHillside Chianti, Tuscany

Whenever I take photos in the countryside, I always seem to catch birds soaring high above. In the upper left corner of this photo there is a bird soaring. If you look closer there are few more in the distance. The clouds are barely noticeable but the seem to comb the sky with a soft touch. As the sun beats down on the green that thrives in this Tuscan paradise, you see a beauty that you can’t see any other place in the world.

Landscape Chianti, TuscanyLandscape Chianti, Tuscany

As I set myself up for this shot, I realized the trees are there for a reason.  A frame of sorts. The wildflowers in the foreground gives a welcome to whoever wishes to walk right into this shot. The paths seem to round the small hill which could lead to another vineyard. But who really knows. :)

Sunset Chianti, TuscanySunset Chianti, Tuscany

I shot this photo on a gorgeous evening in May in the little borgo of Montefioralle. There was a bit of cloud cover but it seemed to leave a great effect as the sun began to set. The colors of this night was very special to me. Especially when it comes to sunsets, I get rather emotional about how gorgeous one thing can be.

Monte Fioralle, TuscanyMonte Fioralle, Tuscany

I adore how the sun lit up this address. This was taken in Montefioralle inside the ancient walls. The shadows of the neighboring bushes makes this shot gorgeous. You can see the detail of the mailbox below the 93. How authentic and exactly what the Chianti is. Welcomes you into a time period that never seems to die in Tuscany.
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A dip in the land of Chianti: photo tour