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A blog to tell the most beautiful and evocative Italian locations, discover its traditions, events, and browse through flavors and peculiarities. Imagine the blog as a collector of stories, tips and information to deepen the knowledge of your favorite destinations and explore new ones, through the eyes of who has always lived there. Through our articles we will introduce you our passion for Italy and we will present you the best of the “Made in Italy”. A useful and enjoyable read that will guide you in choosing  your holiday destination.

After all, even a journey begins with words…


4 weird Italian Foods you never thought of
Much more than Pasta and Pizza … Talking about Italian food, the first things coming to your mind are, of course, pasta, pizza, and lasagne. Travellers who like testing, know that there is a read full article >>
The best 5 beaches in Sardinia
hbspt.cta.load(333466, 'ba0e5647-bdac-472b-a9f4-6484144fe888');   A top 5 of the best: do you already know them? From north to south, a top 5 of the best beaches in Sardinia The read full article >>
Top 5 small, Charming Hotels in Italy
A different way of traveling… Are you fascinated by social life and gossip? Have you always dreamed of spending your holidays in a sort of exclusive V.I.P. resort, full of posh bars, discos, read full article >>

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