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A blog to tell the most beautiful and evocative Italian locations, discover its traditions, events, and browse through flavors and peculiarities. Imagine the blog as a collector of stories, tips and information to deepen the knowledge of your favorite destinations and explore new ones, through the eyes of who has always lived there. Through our articles we will introduce you our passion for Italy and we will present you the best of the “Made in Italy”. A useful and enjoyable read that will guide you in choosing  your holiday destination.

After all, even a journey begins with words…


[ What Else ] in December?
Italian Charming Tips from the Blogosphere Photo Credits: mpstudioanconaThe Blogosphere is populated by blogs, sites and bloggers of great value. This is why decided to read full article >>
The luxury side of Apulia: Borgo Egnazia Resort
When a work stay become a leisure one!You can travel for free and you can discover places that otherwise you would never have seen. You have the chance to meet a lot of people and know read full article >>
Monaci delle Terre Nere
 Find fault with perfection...Twenty minutes after driving along the hillside at the foot of Mount Etna, the biggest volcano in Europe, the passageways opened up and an ancient gate led me read full article >>
A Luxury and Romantic week-end on the Lakes
When I think about  a romantic and luxury week-end here in Piemonte, I think about the area of the Lakes Orta and Maggiore. LAKE ORTA Photo Credits: Silvia Cartotto The Lake Orta is in the read full article >>
Exclusive Holidays in Puglia
hbspt.cta.load(333466, '6cfba289-6f86-404f-b8a8-dc0978195680', {});   Puglia, with its beautiful coastline, charming historical locations and wonderful cuisine, is also home to an read full article >>
THE GLAM EVENTS IN AUTUMN Autumn has arrived and Turin offers, as usual, many things to do and stylish events to go during this autumn. Here you are some glam events to which you should read full article >>
Sicily: Unforgettable dining experiences
hbspt.cta.load(333466, '26bd33c0-c92d-4c43-b1b7-e673d0e33abc', {});   Places to eat in Sicily Sicily may be a small island, but food is important here and there are hundreds of read full article >>
Mountains Holiday in Italy:not only in Piemonte
Piemonte has a large variety of places in the mountains where you can stay outdoors to do some sports. Most of all, the Alps. I suggest you, if you come to my region, to go to the Gran read full article >>

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