The Blue Flag will wave this year in 280 beaches and lakes of the Bel Paese, for a total of 147 prize-winners municipalities.

Blue Flag 2015: CesenaticoBlue Flag 2015: Cesenatico

Municipalities that have been awarded for their commitment to the environment, implemented with the development of practices and actions necessaries to safeguard it, which go hand in hand with various activities, aimed at raising awareness about this important necessity.

Blue Flag 2015: Cannobio lakeBlue Flag 2015: Cannobio lake
A recognition for municipalities, a guarantee for swimmers!

The prestigious Blue Flags have been recently allocated for 2015 by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) based on several criteria: water quality, recycling, pedestrian areas and cycle paths, green spaces, services, land management, initiatives of environmental education and development of sustainable tourism.

Blue Flag 2015: Santa Margherita LigureBlue Flag 2015: Santa Margherita Ligure

Liguria's top position again confirmed with 23 Blue Flags, followed by Tuscany with 18, Le Marche with 17, Campania with 14.

Blue Flag 2015: CastelsardoBlue Flag 2015: Castelsardo
Here are the 11 new entries for 2015:

Capaccio (Campania); Terracina (Latium); Borghetto S. Spirito, Taggia, S. Margherita Ligure (Liguria); Cannobio (Piedmont); Castellaneta (Puglia), Castelsardo, Sorso (Sardinia), Tusa (Sicily), Rosolina (Veneto).

Blue Flag 2015: Castellaneta MarinaBlue Flag 2015: Castellaneta Marina

Which of them are you going to visit next summer?

Photo Credits:  Cesenatico: R. Ferrari;  Cannobio: Mattia; S. Margherita Ligure: Shadowgate; Castelsardo: Olga Berrios; Castellaneta Marina: Pietro d'Ambrosio.
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280 awards for Italy: the Blue Flags 2015