Easter Weekend in Italy

March 27th 2014 by Silvia

3 Different ways to enjoy Pasqua holidays!

Easter Holiday in ItalyEaster Holiday in Italy

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Easter (Pasqua) in Italy is the most well-attended Sunday of the year for Christian churches and for all looking for a long week end to enjoy a short break in Italy.
All over the peninsula, both in large cities and tiny villages, processions weave their way through narrow streets, ancient old towns and main squares until finally they arrive at the local  Cathedral. Furthermore, Easter also signals the arrival of Spring, and many pagan traditions that used to mark the arrival of the "beautiful season" have been incorporated into the religious festivities.

As we underline on our previous posts about Italian Easter, this festivity plays a central role in Italy and it is the second most important day after Christmas. It is a traditional celebration and each region has a interesting holy week schedule with rituals, processions, and with thousands passion plays on Good Friday throughout Italy (read more about Easter in Puglia, Campania, Florence, Sardinia)!

Whether you're looking to whisk the family away for a cultural tour or take advantage of the beginning of Spring, Easter holiday is a great time to visit Italy. With the Mediterranean maquis in bloom and warm weather forecast, there is no better place to be than in Italy during the long Easter weekend (18 to 21 April 2014).

Enjoy an exquisite typical lunch in Naples, visit one of the many Florence’s museums or simply come to admire the Vaticano Square – there’s plenty to do from Friday to Monday for a cultural, fun and relaxing weekend break.

Let see together 3 different ways to enjoy the Easter weekend in Italy.

Easter in Italy - Ancient TraditionsEaster in Italy - Ancient Traditions

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1.    For Cultural lovers – Fireworks in Florence and Sacred Mysteries in Puglia
Obviously, the main reason to spend the Easter week end in Italy is the chance to experience the Italian towns during this important festivity and take part in the evocative religious ceremonies as the “Scoppio del carro” (the exploding cart) in Florence or the “Sacred Mysteries” procession in Molfetta, Puglia. In Milan, Florence, Bologna and Rome the majority of museums, attractions and restaurants are open from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday (that does not include the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel in Rome). Please note: If you would like to visit a specific museum, shop or restaurant please confirm the opening times with each individual location.

Easter in Italy: best traditional foodEaster in Italy: best traditional food

2.    For food lovers – From seasonal delicacies in Naples to the Cassata cake in Sicily
Being  Easter a time for celebration, which better time for tasting the best local and traditional food? In Italy, the Pasqua lunch is vibrant with the fresh colors of early spring, usually decorated with flowers and in some regions, colored boiled eggs. Seasonal delicacies and gastronomic delights celebrate not only the Easter Sunday, but also the bounty of Primavera. The season’s freshest vegetables play a central part in the feast: artichokes, asparagus, chard, fava beans, spinach. The main course varies from town to town while for centuries, the most popular choice for the Easter lunch has been lamb, not just in Italy, but in many other Mediterranean and European countries too. Finally, among the dessert a special mention must be dedicated to the Easter cookies of Catania (Sicily) called “aceddu cu’ l’ova”. These cookies are simple and have different shapes (the most famous one being a dove), and once made  they are given to family members and friends as a gesture of affection and good luck.

Easter in Italy: Traditions & Warm weatherEaster in Italy: Traditions & Warm weather

3.    For Sea and Spa lovers – From the deserted beaches of Sardinia to the Terme di Saturnia in Tuscany
Away from those traditional facets, Easter is a hugely popular time to take a break in the sun and relax yourself.
For quieter Easter breaks with a hint of culture, try Sardinia. Spring is a lovely time to explore the Island which is often crowded during  summertime. If you are relishing the notion of lie down on the beach the beach while immersing yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of Easter days, you cannot miss either the amazing beaches and procession hold in Alghero, a wonderful city in Northern Sardinia. If you aim to achieve a state of psycho-physical well-being, the right Italian destination for your weekend is Tuscany which boasts indeed some of the best Italian health spas and wellness centers that should please the most discerning of spa goers. Particularly, Terme di Saturnia is a land rich on hot springs, well-known since antiquity for its undisputed therapeutic properties.


The Easter Traditional celebrations to experience in Italy are suggestive, interesting and captivate both believers or not.

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Easter Weekend in Italy