[Guest Post] Emilia Smiling Land

April 24th 2013 by Silvia

Where good food is synonymous with good life

Emilia is the only region in the world which takes its name from the roman Emilia way. It was built in 187 B.C. from Emilio Marco Lepido with the aim of realizing a speed and comfortable way for the transit of the Roman army and the control of the territories of the colonies. But these 250 km in a straight line from Piacenza to Rimini still represent much more than a route: it is an intersection of different people, a transit point for trade from North to South or, in just one word, the “Mater Regionis” which has signed the history, the identity and the spirit of this exuberant and amiable land.

Nowadays what does a journey in Emilia mean?

Emilia Romagna: Good food, good life!Emilia Romagna: Good food, good life!Photo Credits: Carra di Casatico
First of all a long glance at the Po valley which seems to go on forever until some undefined shapes of hills come into view, quite unexpected.

Secondly, Emilia matches perfectly with the expectation of a classic holiday in Italy: century-old cities with fine architecture, gently rolling landscapes potted with picturesque villages, charming accommodations and lively cultural events.

Emilia immediately offers to the visitor all its creativity and dynamism: a flow of fields which come and go, with small rivers in between, and a good balance among man and nature, agriculture and entrepreneurs. In this orchestra of different aspects made of tradition and experience, the old vocation of farmers has been preserved as primary resource: this makes Emilia the temple of Italian gastronomy.

Emilia Romagna Food and Wine Emilia Romagna Food and Wine Photo Credits: Fotolia
And this is for sure another wonderful reason: the gastronomical excellences officially identified are five and their production secrets have been tabled by Bologna Chamber of Commerce and drawn up by the Italian Academy of Cuisine: traditional balsamic vinegar, tagliatelle, ragù, Parmigiano Reggiano and culatello.

We could even say they are actually part of man’s heritage!

Winding around the whole region, many different “Food and Wine Trails and Routes” (indicated by specific panels) cross the hearth of this florid and generous region and invite you to stop in small farms, wine cellars, traditional workshops or trattorie spread in the country side where genuine products come from: all year round opportunities to taste fine eating.

Emilia Romagna: Good Food, Good Life!Emilia Romagna: Good Food, Good Life!

Photo Credits: Italia in foto

Let yourself be tempted by all possible gastronomic delicacies!
But do not forget to look beyond all this…
In this quiet and relaxing atmosphere, if you are a curious and busy traveller, try out the institutional sites and discover a colourful place where art, music and food are linked and where the philosophy of good living is firmly related to good food.

This is a guest post written by Sara Cristofanilli
Sara Cristofanilli lives and works in Parma. After studying Economics, thanks to the work experience in a german consultant company, she had the change of taking part to different start up projects in Germany, Swiss, Milan and Rome. Interested in travelling, food tradition, skiing and mountain, is cofounder of an e-commerce website focused on typical Parma and italian food gourmet .

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[Guest Post] Emilia Smiling Land