Top 10 Teen Experiences in Milan

June 13th 2013 by Nerys

Ten reasons why you should ask your parents to take you on a holiday to Milan!

Top 10 Teen Experiences in MilanTop 10 Teen Experiences in Milan

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1. Shopping
Milan is a great city for shopping. There are loads of shops to choose from that suit every budget. The city centre, down Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and Via Torino is where you want to go for highstreet shops, and there's also Corso Buenos Aires. For some bargains go to Via Sarpi, Milan's Chinatown, especially if you want some cheap shoes!

2. Concerts

Milan draws artists from all over the world and there are plenty of great venues if you're looking to catch a gig. Magazzini Generali and Alcatraz also hold some great parties, and world-famous DJs also come to play there. The Mediolanum Forum in Assago, just outside Milan (reachable on the M2 green line) is the largest arena in Milan.

3. Climb up to the roof of the Duomo

The Duomo from the outside might not be all that exciting, but the view from the roof is, you can see for miles!

4. Torre Branca

Another place to get a great view of the city is Torre Branca, in Parco Sempione. On clear days you can even see the Alps!

5. San Siro

If you love football a visit to San Siro stadium is a must, or even better, catch either AC Milan or Inter playing at home.

6. WOW Spazio fumetti

If you love comics you have to visit the WOW Spazio Fumetti. It's a museum dedicated to comics and animation. There's also a library that holds over 9,000 different publications.

7. Nightlife

If you're a bit older you can make the most of Milan's nightlife. There are loads of clubs and bars to choose from, and if dancing isn't your thing, head to the Colonne di San Lorenzo area of town to grab a beer and chill outside.

8. Aperitivo

Milan is the birthplace of the aperitivo, and if you want to try an authentic aperitivo experience there are lots of places you can choose from. One of the most popular areas is the Navigli part of the city, the streets next to the canals are lined with bars, you'll be spoilt for choice!

9. Parks

To the east of Milan there's Gardaland park, perfect if you want to spend a hot summer's day having fun away from the city. There are plenty of different rides for all the family!

10. Museums

If you're a bit more cultural, Milan has lots of museums you can visit. Two of the most popular are the Museo del Novecento (the museum of the 20th Century) in Piazza del Duomo, and the Triennale near Parco Sempione. Exhibitions vary, and recently the Triennale has even held one on vampires!

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Are you ready to pack your bags? We look forward to your photos from Italy!

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Top 10 Teen Experiences in Milan