Sextantio Albergo Diffuso: an unforgettable cultural experience in Abruzzo

Where to holiday in Italy: Sextantio ALbergo Diffuso, AbruzzoWhere to holiday in Italy: Sextantio ALbergo Diffuso, Abruzzo

There are a variety of beautiful sites that Italy has to offer, spectacular places to visit before you die!
Imagine the coastline of the Amalfi Coast, the glam atmosphere of Milan, the romanticism of Venice. Italy has some of world’s most stunning landscapes, from the Tuscan countryside to the historic cities of Pisa and Rome.

So Where to holiday in Italy? It can be a bit frustrating and a difficult task to find the perfect destination for you.

Let me share a secret…
Italy can offer more than you expect. So, this year why not chose an Italian region off beaten path?
Let’s face the main reasons to go on holiday. In my opinion, they are getting away from all stress of life, discovering something new, treating yourselves and having enjoyment.

The main reasons to go on holiday...The main reasons to go on holiday...

As a matter of fact, a good answer for “Where to holiday in Italy” is the Abruzzo Italian region.
In Abruzzo you can escape the crowded and the busy tourist areas.
Abruzzo boasts the biggest green area in Europe and the highest Appennines, the Gran Sasso. The whole region is an undiscovered land, a remote region often overlooked by tourists. Located between the sea and the mountains, Abruzzo offers a wide range of activities: from kayaking to wine tours, from cultural visits to cooking classes, till discovering semi-abandoned historic towns.

Additional info that make the difference: Abruzzo, where the food is divine and the traditions haven’t changed. Abruzzo, where the cultural heritage is fill in churches, castles and mansions. A land where charm means rustic style and respect for the local history.
Finally, in Abruzzo, you can experience unspoilt sceneries and opt for accommodation that is not only truly private, but also able to strike you with its fascinating philosophy.

Sextantio Albergo Diffuso - the soul of a building with a touch of poetic license
Generally speaking, Sextantio is a Albergo Diffuso (diffused Hotel), located in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, a nice hill town in the province of L’Aquila. What is impressive, is the mission and philosophy behind the rebirth of this medieval gem.

Sextantio Albergo DiffusoSextantio Albergo Diffuso

In a country like Italy, urban planning and architecture should preserve the historical and cultural soul of sites. Italy has about 17000 nearly totally abandoned historic towns.
The Sextantio company has decided to restore preserved villages like Santo Stefano di Sessanio, giving life back to these unique corners with the Albergo diffuso approach, but also with restaurants, serving wine cellars, tea rooms and shops with domestic crafts.

The mission is to save all forms of territorial identity of those places of “marginality”, where past civilizations and cultures survive nowadays. Sexantio Albergo Diffuso is a suggestive example of preservation of architectural and historical heritage, natural landscape integrity and local materials cultures, from craft to cookery. To sum up, Where to holiday in Italy? Obviously, in Abruzzo!

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