24 Hours in Milan - How not to waste your time

October 10th 2012 by Nerys
You've come to Italy but only have 24 hours in Milan? Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your short break in the city.
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Milan's most famous sight is the Duomo, Milan's Cathedral. It's the largest cathedral in Italy and it took nearly six centuries to build. But don't just admire it from the piazza! As well as being able to go inside the Duomo, you can also climb up to the roof and enjoy an amazing view of the city of Milan.
Credits: Nerys Howell
A walk through Galleria Vittorio Emanuale is a must if you're coming to Milan, even for only 24 hours. The shopping arcade runs from Piazza Duomo to Piazza alla Scala and is one of Milan's most beautiful sights. Underneath the glass dome, in the centre of the Galleria, you'll see some mosaic designs on the floor. One of these is a bull, the toro from Turin's coat of arms; and tradition states that spinning around on the bull's genitals three times will bring you good luck!
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Of course, you can't come on a short break to Milan without going shopping. The Quadrilatero della moda, the area in and around Via Montenapoleone, is one of the world's most prestigious fashion districts. Here you'll find pretty little boutiques and stores representing major international fashion houses. Even if your budget doesn't stretch to buying anything, walking down the streets in this area gives you a real taste of Italian style. If you're after something more high-street the best place to head is Corso Buenos Aires, to the east of the city centre; it's a long street that runs from the Porta Venezia to Loreto underground stops.
Credits: Nerys Howell
Not many people seem to know that Milan has a castle, the Castello Sforzesco. It's in the city centre, about a kilometre north-west of the Duomo. The castle houses museums and art exhibitions, but if you carry on walking through you'll get to one of Milan's biggest parks, Parco Sempione. It provides a chance to have a break from the rest of the busy city.
And as far as eating out is concerned, there are many good places to eat in Milan; and if you're looking to eat some traditional dishes try the cotoletta, which is a breaded fillet of veal (or sometimes chicken), or the risotto alla milanese which is made with saffron. But if you only have 24 hours in Milan you might want to eat something on the go, and one of the most popular places for a quick lunch in the city centre is Luini's, just off Piazza Duomo. At lunch you'll always see a long queue of people waiting to get their hands on one of the panzerotti.
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Another Milanese experience that you can't miss out on is the aperitivo. Head to the 'old town' in Brera, popular Corso Sempione, or the more scenic choice of the Navigli area. If you head down to Porto Genova on the metro you'll find canals! The word Navigli historically referred to a series of canals which connected Milan to Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and the Ticino river; but today it's mainly used to describe the area in the south-west of the city around the Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Paese. It's one of the most popular areas in the city for nights and meals out, and the streets running along the canals bustle with people late into the night
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24 Hours in Milan - How not to waste your time