Restaurants in Milan: Where to eat, a short guide

September 12th 2012 by Nerys

Italy, of course, is famous around the world for its cooking. If you're coming to Milan you'll want to make the most of what the city has on offer!

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La Rinascente - Piazza del Duomo, 3

If you're coming to Milan a meal, or at least a snack in the most famous store in the city is a must. The restaurants are on the top floor of the department store, on the same floor as the food market. Maio offers a range of interesting dishes, but the best thing about it is the roof terrace, which has an impressive view of the Duomo. Amongst the other bars and restaurants there's also a branch of the Obika mozzarella bar, and a My Sushi.


Zerodue - Corso di Porta Ticinese, 6

Zerodue restaurant is in the popular Corso di Porta Ticinese area of the city, popular for meals out and aperitivos. The varied menù is typically Italian, but with a creative twist. The restaurant itself is modern, yet cosy, and features works by emerging artists.



Pizzeria Spontini


The Spontini chain of pizzerias is one of the best-loved in Milan, and is regarding as having some of the best pizza in the city. They have four restaurants in Milan, the first of which was opened in Corso Buenos Aires in the 50s. A warning, the pizzerias are always very popular, and you may have to wait a while for a table at peak times, but it's always worth it. The pizza served is simple, a slice of traditional Neapolitan margherita, thick and soft, and very delicious.

Porca Vacca - Via Filippo de Filippi, 5

The imaginatively named restaurant (it translates lierally as 'dirty cow' and is an Italian exclamation) is a must for carnivors. The Milan restaurant specialises in meat, using high-quality ingredients from Italy and abroad. There's also a selection of pasta and a wide selection of wines. The restaurant is housed in a converted printing house in the Corso Buenos Aires area of the city.


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Peck - Via Spadari, 9

This is another restaurant in Milan that's part of a store. Peck is a food boutique, and a must if you're visiting the city, even if just to have a wander around to look at the delicious food on offer. The store is in the city centre, near Piazza Duomo; and the restaurant is on the first floor. It's always very popular, even if it is on the expensive side. It offers all kinds of food, and is a typically Milanese experience that can't be missed.


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Restaurants in Milan: Where to eat, a short guide