Eat local: best Restaurants in Rome

September 10th 2012 by Luisa

Where to find top Restaurants in the Capital City

Restaurants in RomeRestaurants in Rome

It could be simple to find the ideal place to suit our tastes in the rich culinary offer of the city of Rome.
Taverns, pizzerie and restaurants in Rome are located almost everywhere. It may be sufficient to consult one of the many guides dedicated to this subject to find the top restaurants and even the most award-winning chef. Yet our aim is different: not just a list, but a journey through the flavors of Rome. So that through the knowledge of its best restaurants can pass the identity of the most authentic district of the eternal city.

Where to eat in Rome - The best Restaurants in RomeWhere to eat in Rome - The best Restaurants in Rome

The Jewish area of Rome, exactly at Portico d'Ottavia, can be a beginning.
Here we can find at least two restaurants rather well known: one is "Nonna Betta" Kosher Restaurant that mixes both cultures, kosher and roman and the other one is "Gigetto al Portico d'Ottavia", from 1923 still one of the most popular restaurants in Rome.

Not far from the ghetto, just on the Isola Tiberina, one cannot miss a visit to the famous restaurant "Sora Lella" one of the most original places to try authentic Roman cuisine, perhaps an entry to the two historic districts dedicated to Roman culture: Trastevere and Testaccio. Taverns, clubs and restaurants abound here all dedicated to tradition.
For the most refined palates "Enoteca Ferrara" may be the right place. It is a particularly appealing place for several reasons: the location first: Piazza Trilussa heart of Trastevere. Then the wine list is truly enviable. As for those who want to spend an evening in a picturesque setting and take a step back in time, "La Taverna dei Mercanti" is your choice.

Where to eat in Rome - The best Restaurants in RomeWhere to eat in Rome - The best Restaurants in Rome

Many neighborhoods have changed their identity over the time. Just think about San Lorenzo or Pigneto.  previously distinguished to be working class areas, now host some interesting wine and food realities: just mention "Uno e Bino" near Via Tiburtina, a place that favors a constant search for organic raw materials. The atmosphere here is classic and refined. "Primo al Pigneto" is also a very cool place in a neighborhood that is becoming an important point of reference in the city nightlife.

Where to eat in Rome - The best Restaurants in RomeWhere to eat in Rome - The best Restaurants in Rome

For those oriented to a luxurious choice the list is long. To beginI the oldest restaurant in Rome, built in the 14th century. The historic environment in which dinner is served is unforgettable. “Il Convivio dei Troiani” is located in the same street. Then there is "Gusto" in Piazza Augusto Imperatore which has several places in the same square: the restaurant, the tavern, the wine bar and rotisserie. At Via dei Banchi Vecchi you can find "Il Pagliaccio", only 28 seats for a truly intimate atmosphere. And yet "Camponeschi" in the charming Piazza Farnese.

Finally in Parioli district three restaurants have earned a reputation in recent years: "All'oro", one Michelin star, defined by the Gambero Rosso one of the best destinations of these recent years, "Il caminetto" and the well known "Ambasciata d'Abruzzo". But if it's really luxury what you are looking for, then you have to go to  "La Pergola" on the ninth floor of the Hotel Rome Cavalieri, its chef Heinz Beck won 3 Michelin stars. Sophisticated cuisine and unparalleled views.

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  2. I love Rome, too. Gigetto al Portico d'Ottavia is the best in the capital :)

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Eat local: best Restaurants in Rome