Best Restaurants in Florence

September 21th 2011 by Katie

Where to eat in Florence: best restaurants and trattorias

Being a lover of all that is Italian, going out to eat is one of my favorites. Florence is full of delicious and authentic places to eat at. The city is thriving on scrumptious dishes straight from the Tuscan countryside as well. As you gaze into Piazza della Signoria or out the window to the Ponte Vecchio, there is so much you can experience when it comes to eating out in Florence. My first and foremost favorite restaurant in Florence is Pangies Bistrot which is just a hop, skip and a jump from the Arno River. Located on Via del Parione, right off of Via Tornabuoni, this little locale is not to be missed. Run by a Florentine family, Mario (Babbo-father) Antonella (Mamma-mother), Francesca and Laura (figlie-daughters). The family makes everything fresh each morning and everything is always eaten up.

Trattoria da Giorgio, Best Restaurants in FlorenceTrattoria da Giorgio, Best Restaurants in Florence

Trattoria da Giorgio is one of my frequent stops to grab a bite to eat during the dinner hours. Founded in 1974 by the family D’Amico which originated from the province of Abruzzo. They have been offering delicious, simple recipes to the public on Via Palazzuolo for many years now. Locals, tourists alike enjoy the atmosphere as if it was home. A very simple place inside. There are some paintings on the walls of typical Florentine vistas and famous works of art as well. The kitchen staff are all related and they eat together towards the end of the night if you are there after 10pm. There is a little TV that is on the wall where they can watch the news or soccer match that is playing that night.

Vinaio di Parte Guelfa - Best Restaurants in FlorenceVinaio di Parte Guelfa - Best Restaurants in Florence

If you want a quick sandwich, Vinaino di Parte Guelfa is where you should go. Luca and Leo are brothers-in-law that have a thriving business for over 2 years now. They have a menu of mouth-watering panini and don’t forget to add a glass of Chianti to that. I suggest you ask what Luca and Leo think would go good with your proscuitto crudo. Are you a vegetarian? They have spinach, zucchini and rucola to add to your sandwich. Enjoy the atmosphere as the locals of Florence flock in and out of Vinaino.
Places to see in TuscanyPlaces to see in TuscanySitting, eating and people watching in a magnificent piazza like Piazza della Signoria is another plus when choosing a place to sit down for an afternoon lunch in Florence. The restaurant I ’Lorenzaccio has been serving patrons since 1968. I have been enjoying the pizza, atmosphere and especially the desserts for many years now. A great place to watch the piazza walk on by.

Dining room Riflessi - Best restaurants in FlorenceDining room Riflessi - Best restaurants in Florence

An chic yet welcoming restaurant on Via Cavour hidden in a hotel, Riflessi is just delicious inside and out. This is one of Florence’s best kept secrets. This restaurant has been hidden in this hotel full of fantastic energy and warmth. The waitstaff is very helpful in making your dining experience exquisite. They enjoy explaining the wine and food to you in a way that makes your stomach growl for more of this delectable food. Pairing the wine with your main dish is just one of the perks they offer to you. Enjoy a night among the calming fountains at Riflessi.

Do you have any other restaurants in Florence to suggest?

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Photo Credits: Olio di Oliva e Sogni di Vino

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  1. sandwich of Vinaino di Parte Guelfa is the best option for short time .

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