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July 24th 2012 by Giulia

It is time to announce the Winner!

Food Contest Nr.1 by The WinnerFood Contest Nr.1 by The WinnerCredits: The cupcakes blog


Facebook Food Contest Nr. 2: Who will take home the Cookbook by Academia Barilla "222 Easy Recipes - Italian Cuisine, Pasta"?

Let ask the experts!

As we have learnt by our Chefs, the best dishes are the ones most appreciated by our guests. So, according to your feedback, the best recipe is the one of  Tonya Russo Hamilton: Nino’s Broccoli salad!

Here are the photo and the recipe sent by Tonya. Try it at home at let us know!

3 - 5 Bunches Broccoli (salad above required 5 bunches)
Marinated Olive Medley
Roasted Red Peppers
Sweet Cherry Peppers (seeded & rinsed)
Garlic (a couple of fresh cloves, sauteed, or you can use the garlic that comes with your olive medley)
Red Wine
Fresh Lemon Juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Boil your broccoli in salted water until just fork tender (broccoli can be given an ice bath after boiling, depending on how firm you like it). We prefer to take ours out while still fairly firm and allow the broccoli to continue cooking while preparing the salad. This seems to give it the perfect texture.Drain broccoli and cut length-wise into long spears all the way down stem. Arrange broccoli in a deep-set platter (not a bowl). Squeeze the juice of one whole lemon over broccoli, then layer your olive medley, garlic, and peppers on top of broccoli. Be generous with juices as these add to the flavor. Drizzle generously with red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Leave salad in layers do not mix. Chill in refrigerator overnight or for 4 to 8 hours so that flavors can blend. Use a large serving fork making sure to get some of each layer onto your plate. Enjoy!

FB Food Contest Nr.1: the WinnerFB Food Contest Nr.1: the Winner

*This salad presents as a beautiful antipasto plate.

Tonya will receive lots of inspiration for her next dishes with the Cookbook by Academia Barilla, as announced on our blog post.

Get ready: new inspiring Charming Contests are waiting for you!


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The ultimate CharmingItaly Chef