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June 13th 2012 by Giulia
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Facebook Contest Nr. 2 - Your talent in cuisine

Facebook Contest Nr. 2 by CharmingItaly.comFacebook Contest Nr. 2 by

Show & share your Italian side!

I am a food lover and love cooking. When I watch cooking shows in TV or when I read about fabulous recipes like the ones of our CHIC chefs, every method seems so easy to reproduce, but actually, it’s often harder than this! I always dream of being able to prepare majestic 6-storey cakes or incomparable perfect meals with last minute ingredients.
While waiting to succeed in this goal, I dedicate myself to my easier recipes :)

What about you?
I guess you also have your favourite recipes, the ones that always come out well and which you are proud of!

Facebook Contest Nr. 2 by CharmingItaly.comFacebook Contest Nr. 2 by

While our CHIC Chefs are sharing their masterpieces of Italian cuisine, let’s try to do the same!

Go to our Facebook Fan Pagesend us by private message or e-mail (, Object: FB Food Contest) your best recipe (Theme of the recipes: Italy, of course!) along with a representing photo: we’ll publish them in the photo album dedicated to the second FB Photo contest.

Then, share with your friends and let them vote!

The 5 most popular articles (with the biggest number of I Like, shares, comments) will be screened and voted by the CHIC Chefs, who will establish the winner.

The winner will receive this wonderful cookbook by Academia Barilla:

222 Easy Recipes - Italian Cuisine, Pasta222 Easy Recipes - Italian Cuisine, Pasta
Deadline to send your recipes + photo: June, 30th 2012.

Do not miss the chance to show your talent and to share your love for Italian food!

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CharmingItaly Master Chef: it could be you!