Hotel of the month – Ca’ Pa’ Casa Privata

August 11th 2010 by Giulia

Not a regular hotel in Italy: Ca’Pa’, a solitary gem perched on the rocky Amalfi coastline

A private house in the heart of Italy: the exclusivity of Ca’Pa’ Hotel

Surrounded by a garden of more than 5000 sqm, Ca’Pa’ Hotel is without any doubt one of the most fascinating and high-class hotels you can find in this romantic part of Italy. Have a look at the rugged cliffs falling into the blue sea and let yourself be enchanted. Immerse yourself in the garden of herbs, spices and fruits smells, let yourself seduce and surprise your senses.

Location: Praiano, Salerno, Campania

Why does it deserve a mention?
Ca' Pa' Hotel needs some sacrifice from your part: a number of steps to reach the house are to be considered as well as the lack of air conditioning (even if the thick ancient stonewalls keep the rooms enough cool). The owners are interested in receiving a few selected guests able to appreciate the essence of the house: this is why Ca’Pa’ Hotel disposes of just six rooms in total.

The six rooms of Ca’Pa’ Hotel, this small charming accommodation, are located between the first and the second floor and are divided into four double rooms and two Suites. They’re all spacious and have their own personality: each room at Ca’Pa’ Hotel has been created in a special way, following the simple typical style of Italy.

Do you need to relax with a good book? Just open the glass box in your room containing around 130 volumes. Each box focuses on a particular field: art, architecture, nature, history, philosophy and psychology. Which one do you prefer?

Ca’Pa’ Hotel privileges: a private seafront
Just a few minutes walk and a series of steps will lead you from Ca’Pa’ Hotel to the seafront. It is for the exclusive use of the hotel guests, who can choose to relax in one of the platforms equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, chairs and tables. What better place to enjoy the Amalfi Coast sea in total relaxation and privacy?

A dip into the deep blue waters and your day will be completed…

Let yourself be pampered in the exclusive Ca’Pa’ Hotel and discover the wonders of Amalfi Coast nature!!!

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  1. This is really a dream spot on the Amalfi Coast! I love how they have preserved the true feel of life here - and that includes a lot of steps. The private sea access is wonderful!

  2. Giulia says:

    Hi Laura and thank you for popping by! I agree with you, the private sea access is something unique. It's worth climbing the stairs!!

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