Pompeii in pictures - Campania Photo Tour

January 25th 2012 by Laura Thayer

Take pictures of Pompeii during your holiday in Campania!

Pictures of Mt Vesuvius from PompeiiPictures of Mt Vesuvius from Pompeii

Discover the history and enjoy taking pictures of ancient Pompeii located near Naples during your vacation in southern Italy.

One of Italy’s most evocative and remarkable historical sites, the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Pompeii are one of the top travel destinations in southern Italy’s Campania region.

While a fascinating spot to visit any time of the year, the winter months offer many sunny days to explore the ruins at a leisurely place while avoiding the summer queues, heat and crowds. This makes it ideal for taking photos of Pompeii that capture the stillness and beauty of this impressive and moving site.
We hope these pictures of Pompeii inspire you to visit Campania during your next holiday in Italy!

Pictures of Pompeii frescoesPictures of Pompeii frescoes

The colors of ancient Pompeii come to life through the camera lens, and visitors love to capture photos of the Roman frescoes that have been uncovered in many of the ancient houses.

Photo of Pompeii architecture - Pompeii in picturesPhoto of Pompeii architecture - Pompeii in pictures

The brightly colored mosaic surface of this counter might catch the attention of visitors to Pompeii today just as it did to the Romans who lived here before the town was destroyed by a devastating eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. This tiny restaurant once served up quick meals to Romans while they were out and about.

Photo of grape vines in Pompeii - Pompeii in picturesPhoto of grape vines in Pompeii - Pompeii in pictures

Archeologists and historians have discovered that Romans cultivated many varieties of grapes in and around Pompeii. Today you can take photos of the replanted vineyards that grow grape varieties that create some of Campania's famous wines.

Pompeii photos of the forum - Pompeii in picturesPompeii photos of the forum - Pompeii in pictures

On a sunny day, the ruins of the Basilica near Pompeii’s Forum stand out against the blue sky. While taking photos of Pompeii, let your imagination fill in the missing pieces, and soon the grand scene of Pompeii’s busy Forum will come back to life.

Photos of Pompeii theater - Pompeii in picturesPhotos of Pompeii theater - Pompeii in pictures

Don’t forget to stop and marvel at the beauty of Pompeii while you are taking photos and exploring the historic ruins.
They offer a unique chance to step back in time and experience firsthand what daily life in an ancient Roman town might have been like.
Pack your camera and head to Pompeii for an extraordinary chance to photograph history during your travels in Naples or Campania!

Photo Credits: Laura Thayer

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Pompeii in pictures - Campania Photo Tour