Suggestions for romantic honeymoons in the most fascinating hotels of Italy 

Top 5 Honeymoon Hotels in ItalyTop 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy

Honeymoon: which is the best destination for the dreamiest trip of your life?

Lying on the beach or discovering a new city from side to side? Relaxing on a cruise or enjoying an adventure safari in Africa? The options for your Honeymoon are many, the possibilities are endless. One thing is sure: the Hotel always makes the difference. Many people decide to spend their honeymoon in Italy, which is considered by many one of the most romantic destinations in the world. But which hotels in Italy are Honeymooners Friendly? Here some tips for you!

Zash Country Boutique HotelBoutique Hotel in Sicily
Zash Country Boutique Hotel – Boutique Hotel in SicilyZash Country Boutique Hotel – Boutique Hotel in Sicily

Cosy and romantic hotel characterized by a successful mix of ancient and modern details. It is located in a renowned seaside destination in Sicily: Riposto (Catania Province). Zash Country Boutique Hotel is definitely one of the most new and fascinating hotels in the region, the ideal choice for honeymooners looking for a pleasant stay in the island.

Caruso - 5* Hotel in Campania
Top 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy - CarusoTop 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy - Caruso

For couples who know and love the special beauty of Campania, what better place than the Amalfi Coast as perfect destination for the most romantic honeymoon? Hotel Caruso offers stunning landscapes (almost all the rooms have a private sea view terrace) and disposes of a heated infinity pool overlooking the Coast…sounds good?!

Capo d’Orso – 5* Hotel in Sardinia
Top 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy - Capo D'OrsoTop 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy - Capo D

For a dreamy honeymoon in Sardinia, Capo d’Orso Hotel seems to be the ideal place. The perfect location in a private bay gives really intimate moments. The hotel, one of the most charming Hotels in Costa Smeralda, is neither too big nor too small (84 rooms), this allow guests to feel pampered but always keeping their privacy. The Thalasso & Spa centre offers modern relaxing treatments.

Villa Sassolini – 4* Hotel in Tuscany
Top 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy - Villa SassoliniTop 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy - Villa Sassolini

Charming retreat immersed in the lush Tuscan countryside, Villa Sassolini is suggested to couples looking for a romantic honeymoon in a luxury and private setting. The beautiful Villa, built in the fourteenth century and recently restored, offers a stunning panorama over the Tuscan estates, both from the rooms and from the panoramic swimming pool.

Masseria Torre Coccaro - 5* Hotel Masseria in Puglia
Top 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy - Masseria Torre CoccaroTop 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy - Masseria Torre Coccaro

The elegant Masseria is just a few km away from the beautiful Apulian sea. It offers 34 elegant and refined rooms, included a superb 100sqm Suite built in an ancient cave, which also disposes of a private swimming pool and a comfortable Jacuzzi for peaceful moments. It's worth noting the enchanting wellness centre built in the stone…simply amazing!!

I wish I could stay in all these charming hotels once in my life! The honeymoon is, of course, a special occasion to choose the most romantic hotel in Italy, the one that conveys you the best feelings, the one you prefer for your luna di miele... But why just for your honeymoon? Every day could be a special day, and every holiday becomes special in so romantic settings….What are you waiting for?!

Top 5 Honeymoon Hotels in ItalyTop 5 Honeymoon Hotels in ItalyCredits: Flickr

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Top 5 Honeymoon Hotels in Italy