Vinum Nostrum Exhibit-Firenze

March 09th 2011 by Katie

Wine and how it was cultivated all these years and not only in Italy.

Vinum Nostrum is being held at the Museo degli Argenti, located in Palazzo Pitti. This exhibit is the presentation of the art, science and myths of wine in ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Wine is associated to many things. From wine served at church, wine at your neighborhood enoteca, yet in this exhibit will convey the uses of the wine back in the Middle East, the origins of it used in the church and different cultures.

There are original artifacts displayed of how wine is made as well as sculpture, frescoes and mosaics that depict the life of this ancient activity. These displays are accompanied by multimedia devices and video to tell and to explain the ancient history of wine culture and wine. Also highlighting the particular cultures that influenced the creating and cultivating of wine in their own culture. The exhibit starts chronologically with the Middle East and explains the symbolic meaning, religious influences and cultural issues. Explaining how the production and distribution of a more substantial amount of wine which was headed by the Romans. There are exhibit spaces that point out the roles the vineyards of Pompeii, the contributions made by the Phoenicians and Etruscans who played a major part in spreading the cultivation and the producing of wine throughout the Mediterranean.

There is a demonstration on the evolution of cultural techniques such as breeding and genetic improvement, planting of plants, care of the vineyard and practical techniques of pruning and grafting the vines. They also show the special findings that describe the religious values and cultures which are expressed through paintings that show rituals and wine festivals. Exquisite sculptures, vases and elegant dining services clarified how the consumption of wine became most popular through out the ages with the noble and wealthy. There is a wine cellar completely rebuilt thanks to the finds in Pompeii and to the detailed descriptions found in Latin literature. Could allow you to imagine what life was like back then, when wine-making was much more of a difficult practice.

This exhibit not only shows the process of wine-making but it also takes you on a journey how to taste wine. From how to stimulate the taste, smell and sight of wine. These are all tie together to entice your love of wine even more. The exhibit ends on April 30th 2011 so make a stop to see this extremely interesting display of wine, wine-making and its history.

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  1. Seems like an interesting and very educational exhibition. Wouls be worth a visit.

  2. Giulia says:

    Yes, I'm sure it is! Thanks for popping by!

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