August Activities in Florence

August 10th 2011 by Katie

August brings heat, less crowded streets and cool churches

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August is finally here and surprisingly in Florence it isn’t an oven, but instead pleasantly warm. Don’t be surprised if it does get real warm. In that case you must find places to keep cool where the city turns into an oven. There are many pools and parks where you can find some cool breezes. Museums will be your best bet since the lines will be non-existent. Churches are another cool place to enter as well. Here’s how to see Florence in a very refreshing way during the month of August.

The pools of Florence will be on every one’s list. There are 3 pools that I would recommend visiting. Inside Cascine Park there is Le Pavoniere. A restaurant, bar and a swimming pool turns into a great place to stay the whole day. It costs 8 euro Monday-Friday, and 9 euro on the weekends. Open from 10am-6pm weekdays, 10am-6pm weekends.

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The one I prefer is Paolo Costoli pool. Since it is a very large with 2 bars, serving lunch and an array of snacks. I find it to be rather relaxing if you stay away from the kids end of the pool. It can be a great escape from the city center. Open from 10am-6pm and costs 7 euro for the whole day but if you come after 2pm it is only 4 euro! Surrounded by green nature, Bellariva is a yet another pool located on the Arno River. There is a large Olympic size pool with a kiddie pool as well. A restaurant that serves pizza and summer dishes with a rooftop terrace.

Visiting Florence in August is great since you are able to see the most famous museums in the world.

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There will be no waiting (at least not as long). I suggest arriving early or about an hour before they close and you will for sure be able to enjoy the museum without crowds of tour groups.

If you want to enjoy a bit of coolness and enjoy the architechture and history of Florence, visit the many free churches to enter. It is amazing the cool air that thrives within these stone churches. Visit Santi Apostoli, Santa Trinita, Il Duomo, Santo Spirito, to name a few. Sit in the pews and just breathe in the air while picturing who used to walk through these churches. Medici, Tornabuoni, Antiniori...Cool huh?

Credits: Katie Greenaway

Florence becomes like a ghost town in August for people like me, who live here, but there are still many things you can do. Enjoy Florence while the streets are less crowded, restaurants are emptier and time to gaze up at the Palazzo Vecchio could last all day.

Have you ever visited Florence in August? Share your experience with us!

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August Activities in Florence