The range of Italian wines to choose from can be quite intimidating if you're unfamiliar with all the complicated names. Italians use a huge variety of grapes to make wine, much more than French wines.

But the most important thing to Italians, when it comes to wine, is the food you drink it with. That's the way to drink in true Mediterranean style.

We've created a useful interactive tool to help you discover which food goes with which Italian wine. You'll find it includes all wines which are categorised as a DOCG (the highest classification in Italian wine).

If you select the food you'll be eating and scroll down you'll see the names of Italy’s famous wines which match.

Alternatively if you already have one of the wines mentioned and want to enjoy it with the appropriate food, you can select your bottle and the suitable food types will be shown.

Click on the image to use the interactive version of the Infographic.

Buon appetito!


Infographic: How to wine and dine like an ItalianInfographic: How to wine and dine like an Italian

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