Ischia-Style Chicken with Sage - Guest Post

December 19th 2012 by Silvia

Get a taste of Ischia magic!

Holiday in Amalfi Coast, Campania, ItalyHoliday in Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy
The number of traditional recipes from Campania region deserving a special mention is really enormous; from the Neapolitan ragù to the world famous  pizza, to the more Christmassy Struffoli (delicious deep fried balls of dough with honey). They are all old, authentic recipes which still today are freshly made at home  with simple and  healthy ingredients but in such quantities to feed the whole neighborhood!

Many of these recipes require long preparation and cooking times.  Imagine, for example,  that the Neapolital ragù sauce has to simmer or, to use the proper term, has to "pippiare" (Neapolitan onomatopoeic word indicating a slow simmer of the sauce) for at least 3 hours to reach the right consistency.
However, there is a huge variety of delicious and easy recipes requiring reasonable preparation time while guaranteeing excellent results; one of these is undoublty the Ischia-style Chicken with Sage.

Ischia typical recipe - Campania recipesIschia typical recipe - Campania recipes

Typical of Ischia, a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, this recipe is really easy to prepare and very tasty, and it can alternatively be declined in several versions and with different meats (for example with the famous Ischia rabbit ). Eating this dish will give you the feeling of traveling throughout this enchanted island, its spectacular Mediterranean gardens, beautiful beaches and the genuineness of its  inhabitants. So, before you go and  visit the wonderful  Island of Ischia, have this recipe to get a taste of its magic.

Ischia-Style Chicken with Sage
(Adapted from "La cucina tradizionale", Fabbri editori, 1973).

1 Medium  chicken
2 Knobs of butter
4 Sage leaves
1 Glass of dry white wine
Salt and Pepper

1.     Heat up a saucepan without any seasoning.
2.     Cut the chicken lengthwise along the back, beat to flatten it,  season with salt and pepper.
3.     Put the chicken in the saucepan and sear it until golden brown on all sides.
4.     Add the sage leaves and  wine to deglaze the pan.
5.     Finally, add the butter and cook, still over high heat, for a few minutes.

Ischia recipes - Chicken with SageIschia recipes - Chicken with Sage

Guest Post by Sara:  Born in Campania Region,  Sara has always lived in a small town close to the Amalfi coast. With a background in Natural Sciences and Social Media Marketing , she tries to combine her scientific and digital knowledge with her passion for food. As a proper foodie,  she adores cooking and experimenting in her kitchen. If she is  not cooking, eating or shooting food, she is writing recipes for her blog

Have you ever tasted this delicious Campania recipes? Share with us your culinary experience and discover 60 Additional reasons to visit Italy!





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Ischia-Style Chicken with Sage - Guest Post