In Turin with Chocolate

February 13th 2013 by Silvia Cartotto

Discovering the gourmand side of Turin, in Piedmont: chocolate, its "black gold".

Turin, in the north-west of Italy, is a wonderful city. But today I won’t talk about what to see when you will come to our beautiful country and to the capital of Piedmont: today I will talk about the dark gold that you will find coming here.

In Turin with Chocolate - Photo Credits: Silvia CartottoIn Turin with Chocolate - Photo Credits: Silvia Cartotto

Piedmont (where I live) is famous throughout the world for homemade chocolate and above all  for the one with hazelnuts: that’s why Turin is the queen of this specialty, with its shops, cafes and historical chocolatiers. The chocolate for excellence is the “gianduiotto”, which takes its name from the carnival mask that spread it along the streets of the city in 1865.

Gianduiotto seems like an overturned boat and it is one of the best italian chocolates also thanks to its unique flavor of hazelnuts, that come from the Langhe, a very famous area also for its excellent wines.

To receive a box of chocolates from Piedmont in winter, maybe on February 14 that is Valentine's Day, is an act of love that every woman in the world will certainly appreciate. In fact chocolate gives you good mood, it's a little cuddle and, for those who love homemade chocolate, the tasting is a great time.

When you will be in Turin, I suggest you to try some of the best chocolate shops and cafes as Caffè Baratti & Milano, that is located in the Galleria Subalpina in Piazza Castello, the cafe Neuv Caval 'D Brons in Piazza San Carlo and Al Bicerin in Piazza della Consolata, historical cafe which takes its name from its most famous creation, the drink that became a symbol of Turin.

In Turin with Chocolate - Photo Credits: Silvia CartottoIn Turin with Chocolate - Photo Credits: Silvia Cartotto

You also have to know that some of the most talented master chocolatiers in Italy come from Turin and from Piedmont: I’m talking about Guido Gobino, Guido Castagna and Silvio Bessone. Try their chocolate and you will taste a piece of art.

In Turin with Chocolate - Photo Credits: Silvia CartottoIn Turin with Chocolate - Photo Credits: Silvia Cartotto

If you can’t come to Turin for Valentine's Day in February, then mark on the agenda this event: “Cioccolatò”, the chocolate fair scheduled for November 2013. It will be an opportunity to taste different varieties of the famous black gold in Turin and also to find out the Royal city and the first capital of Italy: Turin is here waiting for you.


Do you have any suggestion for Valentine's Day in Italy?

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