The Alchimia it’s you! – How it all began

May 27th 2014 by Silvia

Masseria Alchimia - Marina di Savelletri, Puglia  

Tradition, design and biodynamic management. These are the secrets of the success of this property. A success that would not be there anyway, if it weren’t for the owner’s great love and passion for Puglia.
Masseria Alchimia, a former hermitage place built in the nineteenth century, nawadays is the perfect place for a demanding traveler.
It is also the product of Caroline Groszer’s creativity. In this page she tells us how it all began.

Masseria Alchimia - Guest House in PugliaMasseria Alchimia - Guest House in Puglia

"Once I started fantasizing about buying a Masseria there was no coming back. It became my sweet obsession. I went through about thirty of them, but none of them really convinced me. Then somehow I ended up with a photo of Alchimia. It was nothing but an old fart, but I couldn’t help staring at the picture. I knew there was something special about it. First of all the location was perfect: at the same time close to the village and to the sea. Definitely a stunning location, but still quite isolated and undisturbed: a rare quality in the crowded Puglia. I decided to have a first-hand experiance of the place. I went there with a friend of mine, who somehow knew the owner. Five minutes were more than enough to understand that those old walls would have become my home.

Masseria Alchimia woud not be the same without the original colours and materials. The local tradition though collides with a full respect for nature: solar panels, energy saving, water recycling for irrigation. All these things were crucial in the renewing process of the property. Each piece of forniture means something to me. Everything here shows my love for Puglia and my gratitude to this land which welcomed me like a loving mother. My passion for design can be seen both in the “cult” pieces and in the antiques that I have inherited from my family.
I love contemporary art and photography so I decorated some rooms with a few pieces of my personal collection. Some other rooms are constantly "changing", thanks to the collaboration with an art gallery.

Once a journalist wrote: “The Alchimia it’s You”… I guess he was right.

The Masseria is surrounded by a lush garden. An idyllic oasis where even the smallest bush fits just perfectly. The atmosphere here is pure magic. Just sitting here and reading a book in the shade of the olive trees is the most relaxing experience. When I’m off to work in a big city, I totally miss this garden, with its peace and quiet. The sea is just a few miles away from the masseria. For this reason I chose not to spoil the environment by making a swimming pool.

Masseria Alchimia is not a big hotel. There is not a real reception hall, and neither a restaurant or a Spa or a boutique. The masseria is a refuge for a traveler who seeks peace and quiet in an elegant and sophisticated environment, where everyhting is always perfectly clean. Guests can cook their own meals directly in their room. I personally take care of the concierge service".

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