Top 5 Spots to enjoy the best nightlife in Naples

May 24th 2012 by Laura Thayer

Discover the charms of the nightlife scene in Naples, Italy

Top spots for nightlife in Naples ItalyTop spots for nightlife in Naples ItalyCredits: Flickr

The largest city in southern Italy and the capital of the region of Campania, Naples is not only home to Neapolitan pizza and world-class museums, but also a lively nightlife scene. Enjoy an opera, traditional theater or dance the night away in Naples, Italy!

Naples is vibrant city - full of life and an energy it’s not afraid to share - with crazy traffic, narrow streets filled with laundry lines and a warm spirit that’s hard to deny. Spend the day out exploring the city’s museums, churches and historic sites, and the charms of Naples will sneak up on you. After dark, the city offers a wide selection of nightlife options, from opera at one of Italy’s most famous theaters to drinks at an elegant wine bar. Here’s a list of the top 5 spots in Naples for nightlife. Pack your dancing shoes and head to Naples!

1. A night at the Opera

Piazza Plebiscito Teatro San Carlo Naples Italy CampaniaPiazza Plebiscito Teatro San Carlo Naples Italy CampaniaCredits: Flickr

For opera lovers, a night at the Teatro di San Carlo is a must during a visit to Naples. One of Europe’s oldest and most important theaters, the Teatro di San Carlo presets a prestigious series of opera, dance and theater performances every season. Enjoy an evening stroll through the glass domed Galleria Umberto I before the show, or stop in at one of Naples’ oldest and most elegant cafés Gambrinus for a drink. The grand Piazza Plebiscito nearby is a popular outdoor spot for events and concerts during the summer months in Naples.

2. By the bay in Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia Borgo Marinario Naples ItalySanta Lucia Borgo Marinario Naples ItalyCredits: Flickr

Along the waterfront in Naples’ posh Santa Lucia neighborhood follow the bridge leading out to the Castel dell’Ovo and the charming little port area called Borgo Marinaro. The views from the castle are beautiful overlooking the bay during sunset. Enjoy dinner or drinks while watching the boats bob up and down in the harbor from one of the restaurants in Borgo Marinaro for a romantic evening in Naples.

3. Enjoy traditional Neapolitan theater and music
From the lively and entertaining commedia dell’arte performances featuring the classic Neapolitan figure Pulcinella to traditional Neapolitan songs and the lively tarantella dance, Neapolitans know how to have fun and share their theater traditions. Look for events highlighting Neapolitan music and theater at the Teatro Trianon or Teatro Bellini, both located in Naples' historic center.

4. A glass of wine in Chiaia

Winebars Naples Italy Chiaia DistrictWinebars Naples Italy Chiaia DistrictCredits: Flickr

The trendy Chiaia neighborhood along with the Via Chiaia running from the Piazza Plebiscito toward the Villa Comunale is a trendy spot for nightlife in Naples. Here you’ll find a refined scene with art galleries, bars and nightclubs catering to a more upscale clientele. There are some excellent wine bars in the area, such as Enoteca Belledonne where you can enjoy a glass of good Campania wine.


5. Dance the night away in Piazza Bellini

Live Music Naples Italy Campania Piazza BelliniLive Music Naples Italy Campania Piazza BelliniCredits: Flickr

There’s a wealth of history in Naples centro storico, or historic center, where you’ll find the world famous National Archaeological Museum, the Duomo of Naples, the Church of Santa Chiara with 18th-century majolica tiled cloister and many important museums, churches and historic sites. But there's more than just history in the centro storico. At night you’ll find plenty of hot spots for enjoying live music at local bars and clubs. Head to Piazza Bellini, one of the hottest spots for nightlife in Naples, where you’ll find the trendy Intra Moenia along with other popular nightspots. Visit the website or pick up the latest copy of Zero, a free monthly publication listing concerts, events and happenings in Naples during your visit.

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Top 5 Spots to enjoy the best nightlife in Naples