Italian Food Secret N°3: Piemonte

June 05th 2012 by Silvia

The luxury of simplicity!

Italian Chef Interview, Regional Recipe PiemonteItalian Chef Interview, Regional Recipe Piemonte
Presently, the Charming Italian Chef Giovanni Grosso, who was awarded a star by the 2007 Michelin Guide, lives and works in Turin (Piemonte, Northern Italy), but still travels all over the world.

But, how did it all begin?

Before being captured by his passion for food, Giovanni would have liked to become Pope. A little strange for a child, since those, usually dream of becoming a football player, pilot or doctor. He realized that it was a very (very) difficult goal to achieve, and so, inspired by weekends with his father, spent at grocery markets and helping with family recipes, he changed his mind. Giovanni has been enthralled by cooking since the tender age of 12, and received his first “standing ovation” by his family when he cooked his first risotto. In the following years, Giovanni studied at a Hotel School. He worked at a number of restaurants before becoming Chef at his own Restaurant “La Credenza” together with his friend and Chef Igor Macchia.

La Credenza Michelin Restaurant in Turin, ItalyLa Credenza Michelin Restaurant in Turin, Italy
Open-minded” is the best adjective to describe this great Italian Chef because, as he said himself,  “My Italian culinary culture is essential to me, but you must not be a slave to your roots”; meaning that he prefers a mix of tradition and innovation of regional and Italian traditional cooking,  combined with a personal style that cannot be imitated.

Italian Chef Interview, Regional Recipe PiemonteItalian Chef Interview, Regional Recipe Piemonte
The Chef Giovanni Grosso loves travelling, the inspiring melting pots of cultures and the funny moments that often happen at La Credenza:
Once, he asked the waiter for “uno scotch” (meaning, a glass of scotch whisky for cooking) and the waiter returned with a piece of scotch tape!

Below, his “Pinzimonio” recipe that he created for a cooking contest called “The luxury of simplicity”!

Ingredients for the Grana Padano and Ginger Sauce:
Grana padano grated
Single cream
Ginger juice

Warm up the parmesan and the cream, season with ginger juice and filter with a chinoise. Keep the sauce warm.

Ingredients for the mashed potatoes
Coarse salt
Salt and pepper to taste

Spread the potatoes on a bed of coarse salt and bake them in the oven at 200 ° C for 60 minutes. Peel the potatoes, put them into a bowl, add the butter and the mascarpone cheese, salt and pepper. Mash with a fork and keep warm.

Ingredients for the Pinzimonio dish
Belgian endive
Thistle (cardo)
Red and yellow peppers
Sea urchins
squid ink
Salt and pepper
Crescione creamy cheese
Grana Padano and Ginger Sauce
Mashed potatoes
Pariani hazelnut oil

Wash all the vegetables, cut them into the shape that you prefer and immerse in ice water to keep them crispy. Put some drops of the Crescione creamy cheese, the sea urchins and the squid ink on a plate. Arrange the Grana Padano, the ginger sauce and the mashed potatoes in layers. Dry the vegetables and brush them with the hazelnut oil. Put them on the top of the layers and sprinkle them with salt and pepper.

Italian Chef Interview, Regional Recipe PiemonteItalian Chef Interview, Regional Recipe Piemonte

A special thanks to
Giovanni Grasso and Igor Macchia
CHIC’s association
Stefania Miglio

Have you missed the 1st Chic Interviews? Discover the secret regional recipes of Liguria and Lazio! Live a true culinary Italian experience at home, try the recipe and wait for the 4th issue on tuesday ;)
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Italian Food Secret N°3: Piemonte