Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori

September 05th 2011 by Katie

Where to eat in Florence: a charming Osteria

Osteria of “wine and old flavors” expresses what a truly good quality meal can be in Florence. Family-run, the menu is written and changed almost every day with a new dish or appetizer to entice the palate.

A small space with only 18 seats this is not a place where you can’t always just walk in and be seated. During the weekends this place is hard to get into to. You must reserve a table to be served at a decent time. But if you arrive when it opens you can always get a table.

Osteria vini e vecchi sapori, FlorenceOsteria vini e vecchi sapori, Florence

Credits: 2Spaghi.it

Located amidst the historical center of monuments and museums, on a small side street off of Piazza della Signoria called Via dei Magazzini. At these types of places with such a small space, it is inevitable that you will be sharing the table with someone else. It has a high ceiling and full of light which makes it very welcoming.
The menu as I said is handwritten, very short and filled with traditional dishes made fresh daily. The dishes consist of pasta that are not very well known but are served with sauces that are to die for.

The main courses you will not find at any trattoria or restaurant. They are few and far between and consist of authentic family made dishes that come from being passed down from generation to generation.

They serve for dessert a homemade zuccotto which is the Florence version of tiramisu. A dessert filled with liqueur and sweet cheese. It just melts in your month.

Where to eat in Florence: Osteria vini e vecchi saporiWhere to eat in Florence: Osteria vini e vecchi sapori

Credits: Noidueinucina

Definitely puts a topping on your meal. If you order coffee, it is served to you being poured directly from the mocha (stove top coffee pot). You will really feel like being at the home of an Italian relative when you eat here. So sit back and relax and enjoy what authentic Tuscan dining is in Florence.

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