Springtime in Florence

April 28th 2011 by Katie

Florence in Springtime: the best time to visit the city

Where the flowers start blooming and the sun starts to slowly warm the cobblestones.

Florence wakes up in the springtime. There are more tour buses, more people filling the streets, more of everything. I have been able to navigate when I should enter the center with my bike and when I should leave it on Via Cavour without having to maneuver through mounds of tourists. I adore spring in Florence. There are many things you can do as the sun starts to slowly warm the cobblestones. How about taking a long bike ride through Florence? Or even outside of Florence. Florence Cruiser Bike Tours give bike tours throughout the city and around Tuscany and Tuscany Bike Tours offer bike tours in the Chianti and Tuscany as well. There are many bike paths along the Arno river and along the larger viale.

Day trips are a common activity as well. As the train is so accessible, I would suggest taking advantage. There are many places that can entice each travelers love of Tuscany. By train enjoying the scenic towns such as Arezzo, Pisa, Lucca or Cortona would be a great experience. As the flowers are starting to bloom all around me these days, it is so important to get out as much as possible. People tend to plan their visit to Florence and Tuscany during April and May. It is a lot less crowded on the streets and museums won’t be so difficult to enter.

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But in these days I have seen many, many people in the center. Perhaps the tourist season is beginning much earlier. As my friends who work in the tourist industry in Florence, they have said before that after Easter then the tourist season begins. And since this year Easter is later, people are still arriving.

Spring gives us the scent of flowers in the air as well. One my passions. :) There is a special market for flowers and plants. The Mostra Mercato di Piante e Fiori starts on Easter Monday the 25th of April this year until May 1st. It is by far my favorite time of year. I live nearby the Giardino dell’Orticoltura and so I walk there in hopes of buying the most beautiful flowers. :) Last I walked away with 5 plants. I still have two that are still alive that I bought last year. Oh goody, I can’t wait to go!  It is free to enter the garden and it is open all day from 9am-7pm.

In May, the Orchid garden will be open to visit, from the 1st to the 20th as well. This garden has more than 2,500 varieties of iris’ which has been the symbol of Florence since 1251. It is only open this one month so you must see it if you traveling to Florence in May. It is a gorgeous sight.

Spring time in Florence is by far the most enjoyable time to visit Florence. There seems to be a certain energy in the air and people have a little skip in their step. I personally love when people start filling the streets more, there is more love in the air, relationships seem to bloom in the spring as well, hand in hand with the flowers around the city.

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